STEP 1 :
2 Cups Flour 
3/4 level teaspoon salt

STEP 2 :
Pour in 1/8 of a cup of oil

STEP 3 :
Mix The oil into flour well

STEP 4 :
Mix 1 1/4 cup of boiling water

STEP 5 :
Mix well with wooden spoon

STEP 6 :
Use your hands to knead well till it binds

STEP 7 :
Make dough balls to the size you prefer

STEP 8 :
Roll out to size of puri

STEP 9 :
Smear oil and sprinkle flour over

STEP 10 :
Make your dough into flatish balls , at this stage you 
 could either roll out fresh rotis or freeze

STEP 11 :
Roll dough out to form a roti .

STEP 12 :
Warm you tawa or frying pan , 
Place rolled rotis on to tawa or pan and fry on both 
sides adding oil or ghee (clarified butter ) as you fry



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