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How To Make Moons Dough

    For 2 kilo cubed fillet or 2 kilo mince -
    I added cheese and carrot so that made the filling slightly more if you are not adding those 2 you might need to cook more mince 

I used for the dough :

10 cups cake flour 

10 cups boiling water 

10 tbsp ghee or butter ( i used ghee ) - flat tbsp ghee 

salt to taste ( i used 2 to 3 tsps )

In 1 large pot 
Add the water , salt and ghee and bring this to boil , this step is very necessary .

remove from heat or off the stove and add 10 cups flour . 

using a wooden spoon or anything you prefer stir quick to avoid lumps

Remove little at the time from the pot ( an amount that you can handle ) and start kneading . you have to do this process whilst dough very hot in order to get soft moons 

Mix all the dough together and knead 

Cover dough with a cloth to avoid drying . 

Take a little at a time, on a floured surface , roll out into a big circle , dough must not to thin 
using a cutter , cut circles , place the circles in a tray covering with a cloth 

place filling and form half a moon 
dough usually sticks , if not then use cold water to close 

dip In eggs - I cracked approx 8 eggs added milk and whisked it . 

you can either dip few at a time and place them in a plate if you working alone ( this goes faster ) or dunk them in bread crumbs same time and crumb it .
I used corn flake crumbs mixed with bakery bread crumbs some mixed herb and parsley .

Using separating plastic sheets during each layer in a tupperware , you can fill directly in tupperware and freeze 


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