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What To Do When You Put Excess Salt In Food

Tips from our facebook page :

 Zhanin Omar
 Add patatoes!!!

 Farzana Sonday 
 Agree with the potatoes....or make more of whatever you cookin...just add 
 it to ur pot...this tym dont add salt!

 Nafisa Naroth 
 Add potatoes or an onion

 Nitu Chugani 
 add a small bowl of dough or raw potatoes n cook the gravy with the 
 potatoes or ball of dough in it and then remove it. it will absorb all the 
 extra salt...or add lemon juice

 Lamees Abrahams 
 Kannemeyer Potatoes and more water...but if its a rice dish like akhni 
 your best best is to make a small pot extra and don't add salt then mix it 
 with that!

 Shabana Yacoob Mahomedy 
 Lemon juice also works quite a bit, but da best is potatoes to absorb da 

 Shabnam Sayed 
 Make a gravy & add that to the curry ;)

 Zarina Moolla 
 Whole potatoes!

 Ayesha Riaz 
 once heard a slice of bread allow it to suck up oil etc. and this should 
 remove excess salt

 Amina Wackie Shaikh 
 Drop a raw peeled potato in the pot

 Sophia Louize Clare Ravat 
 Add sugar                    

 Shehaam George 
 Slice whle tomatoes nd jus put ontop. Cook on low

 Mariam George 
 n extra tomatoe will do the trick

 Zahida Singh
 Use brown paper,4 salty food

 Runjanee Naidoo
brown paper or potato peel drop in center of pot so it  can easly removed

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