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Kebaab Casserole

Garlic Butter Kebaab Casserole

½kg chicken mince
1 large onion
1t ground garlic
1t salt
1t dhana jeeru
1t ground gr chillie
1t red chilli paste
1 egg
1 slice bread

Process bread, then onions n dhania, then add rest n process all together.
Roll into kebaabs/drop spoonfuls into pan, Fry till its browned, empty into a casserole dish.
Cube n fry 2-3 large potatoes n arrange in casserole
Sprinkle some diced red n green peppers.

65g butter
½ cup milk
3T water
2T steers garlic sauce
¼ t salt
½ t chilli pwd
¼ t crushed jeeru‎

Heat all together, till butter melts, then pour over kebaabs
Cover casserole with foil/lid n bake @ 180 for 20 mins.
Must be saucy, if looking dry, add milk or water.(I always make double amount of sauce). Serve with rolls and a green salad.    Haajira

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