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Tips For Making Sweetmeats

• The secret to the rich, glossy look of sweetmeatssuch as Jalebi lies in the syrup.When making the syrup, bring the ingredients to agradual boil.Never rush the process.Syrup brought to a rapid boil results in thecrystallisation of the sugar on thesweetmeat and a dull look
• Goolab Jamun needs patience.Fry Goolab Jamun gently on moderate heat.This allows the sweetmeat to cook evenly and soakthe syrup well.Goolab Jamun cooked at high temperatures brown onthe outside andremain uncooked on the inside. As a result the syrupdoesn't soak well,leading to a dry sweetmeat.
• Never refrigerate sweetmeats dipped in syrup soonafter they are made.Rather allow the sweetmeat to dry out at roomtemperature before refrigeration.
• Last year's powdered milk and flour could ruin agood recipe.Check that all ingredients are fresh
• Always buy sealed ingredients
• Leftovers of unused ingredients can be frozen untilfurther use.If left out, ingredients such as desiccated coconutcould become rancid.
• To make an attractive platter, place sweetmeats infoil cups

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