How To Make Coloured Popcorn

Method 1: 
1. Take icing sugar and mix with about a tespoon of  colouring and a drop of water till its runny but not too  watery. 
2.Mix it through your popcorn.  
3.Let it dry for a few minutes and hey presto! 

by Azrah Razak Essop on fb

Method 2 :

1/2 cup sugar  
1/4 cup popcrn seeds 
1/4 cup oil
1 tablespoon colouring

Heat oil in non stick pot...mix all other ingredients in a bowl...
add to oil...give a quick stir...
close lid and wait for popping...
quickly pour
 into a tray and allow to cool...
it stays crunchy for days....

by Shamz Khota on fb


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