Braised ( Vagaar ) Rice Step By Step

STEP 1 ::
In a pot take 1/4 cup oil dhal add about 1 1/2 cups of water and allow to boil on low heat
for 1 cup rice :
in the meantime in a seperate pot add oil and the whole indian spices ( cinamon stick , whole jeera,cardamom,pepper )
once the oil is hot enough finely chop half an onion .

braise your onion until golden brown

at this stage your oil dhal must be soft , now add the dhal to the onions and add 2 cups water ( for every cup of rice you double the water ) , add salt and ghee , allow to boil and add the 1 cup of rice 


mix rice in water and allow to boil without a lid until half cooked 

add 1/4 glass water if requiredand close with a lid , lower heat to very low and for to steam rice properly put something heavy on your lid 

leave to steam for -+ 15 min , if you feel you need t add more water and steam for another 10mins do so . rice should now be ready to serve

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